Dagon Dwyn

A pilgrim of Torm


Dagon is a tall skinny cleric. He carries around a morningstar and a shield.
This priest is very average looking, which suits him just fine. He prefers to hang out in the background and help others instead of taking any sort of lead or be noticed too much.
Dagon Dwyn proudly carries the insignia of his god, Torm.


Dagon is on a pilgrimage mandated from the church of Torm. Shortly after being initiated into service, Dagon was requested to travel the land to monitor and record the movements of certain deities and their followers. He is to gain real world knowledge and eventually make his way home to report his findings.
Dagon is optimistic and naive, but has a good heart and good intentions. He is excited about the prospect of new adventures and is happy to have met someone to travel with.
Dagon Dwyn is young, but his chosen deity has been kind. Dagon feels he has excellent options for spell casting and looks forward to trying them all out in the real world. Being creative in their uses is one of his goals.

Dagon Dwyn

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